Enders Memorial Shelter


The Shelter is located in Lithia Park in Ashland, on Ashland Creek, just before the Butler Memorial Bandshell. It can be easily reached by driving up Winburn Way from the Plaza and parking in the area near the Butler Memorial Bandshell. Walk to the creek, just before the bandshell.

The Enders Memorial Shelter was originally built in 1916, and was restored in 2013. Lithia water is available in the central fountain, and flows continually into Ashland Creek, presumably to prevent standing water from precipitating out solids that would quickly block the pipes. Regular water is also available in the fountain.


The shelter was dedicated to Henry G. and Jennie M. Enders, who were early Ashland residents. They were involved in the building of the Elks Building and the hotel that is currently named the Ashland Springs Hotel.


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