Mickelson Chapman Fountain


The fountain with statue is located in front of the old Carnegie Library at the intersection of East Main Street and Gresham Street in Ashland.


Information on the Mickelson Chapman Memorial Fountain can be found in a Mail Tribune article by Bill Miller, published on June 16th, 2013.

Michael Mickelson was born in 1831, and moved to the USA in 1849. In 1860 he moved to Ashland, Oregon.

Victoria Chapman was born in 1843 in Kentucky and moved to a ranch near Ashland with her brother in 1880.

Michael and Victoria were married on October 14, 1890 (SOHS records). Their short marriage lasted for almost four years before he died of cancer on October 5, 1894. Victoria lived for another 33 years, and in her will specified that her estate be sold and the money used to construct a fountain, the results of which stand beside the old Carnegie Library today. It was installed in 1929 (Ashland Art #17), and originally had running water.

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