Holmes Park Marker


This plaque is In Holmes Park, Medford, mounted on a stone in the parking lot on S. Modoc Avenue near the end of Woodlawn Drive. The lot is near the tennis courts, and the stone is on the tennis court side of the parking lot.

Looking through the vertical files at the SOHS Library on the Holmes Family and Medford Parks, and Wikipedia information on the internet, we gleaned the following information:

Harry and David Rosenberg (who later changed their name to Holmes) founded Bear Creek Orchards in 1910. In 1946 the corporate name was changed to Harry and David. Harry and his wife Eleanor purchased 20 acres on what is now S. Modoc Road in 1939. They built a large home there where they lived for many years. Eleanor died in 1948 and Harry in 1959. Their son John donated 19.5 acres of their property to the City of Medford in 1973, for a city park. He also donated $31,000 for the park. The result was Holmes Park which, according to the marker, was opened in 1978. John Holmes died in 2010.

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