Palm Statue, Alba Park


The Statue is located in the center of Alba Park in Medford. It is bounded by W. Main Street, N. Holly Street, W 8th Street and N. Ivy Street.

This Italian marble statue was donated to the city of Medford by Charles and Callie Palm, and was dedicated on April 19, 1935.

Charles Palm, born in 1861, was an early resident of Medford and a successful realty broker who owned a great deal of business property in the city. He died in Medford on June 17, 1933 at the age of 72. Callie died in Medford in October, 1960, at the age of 97.

 Following the death of Charles, his wife continued an earlier plan to place a statue in the city park, which was to be a gift to the city of Medford. The statue was carved in Italy of white Carrara marble by an Italian sculptor. The statue's base and surrounding benches and fountains were granite from the Blair quarry near Ashland.

The statue depicts a young man with two dogs. The boy represents youth, strength, hope and happiness. The Palms were devoted to their dogs, and thought of dogs as man's best friend. During the dedication of the statue it was noted that the installation provided fresh water for people and for dogs, as well as a bird bath. It was especially noted that the water in the fountain came from Medford's new water supply system, bringing fresh mountain spring water to the city in place of the water from Bear Creek, which was used previously.


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