Applegate Trail History
1863 Military Road 1: Highway 140 and Obenchain Road marker knocked over
1863 Military Road 2: Fourbit Ford Campground old sign
1863 Military Road 3: on 700 Road near Twin Ponds Road near the marker
Antelope Creek Covered Bridge a marker
Applegate Trail 01: Jenny Creek Slide AT1
Applegate Trail 02: at Round Prairie AT2
Applegate Trail 03: on Highway 66 by Lincoln AT3
Applegate Trail 04: at Tub Springs Wayside AT4
Applegate Trail 05: Hyatt Lake Road near the marker
Applegate Trail 06: Keene Creek Slide the markeri
Applegate Trail 07: Cascade Summit near the marker
Applegate Trail 08: Tyler Creek Road by the road
Applegate Trail 09: Highway 66 and Buckhorn Springs Road below the road
Applegate Trail 10: Songer Gap
Applegate Trail 11: Entrance to Emigrant Lake Recreation Area in the park
Applegate Trail 12: Railroad Park on A Street, Ashland near the marker
Applegate Trail 13: Ashland Creek Park, Ashland by the road
Applegate Trail 14: Highway 99 and Oak Street, Phoenix near the marker
Applegate Trail 15: Old Stage Road near Jacksonville by the road
Applegate Trail 16: Valley of the Rogue Kiosk, in the State Park signs
Birdseye Spring Marker newspaper article
Greensprings Monument marker text
Hartman Bridge marker, Jacksonville the bridge
Hartman Bridge, middle fork of the Rogue River the bridge
Lost Creek Covered Bridge the bridge
McKee Covered Bridge the bridge
Old Stage Road Marker original marker
Rock Point Stage Stop the markeri
Siskiyou Mt. Wagon Road 1: Old Highway 99 near the Barron Ranch house left sid of road
Siskiyou Mt. Wagon Road 2: Old Hwy. 99 above second railroad Bridge by the road
Siskiyou Mt. Wagon Road 3: above marker 2 on private property marker site
Siskiyou Mt. Wagon Road 4: at the Siskiyou Pass
Siskiyou Mt. Wagon Road 5: Mt. Ashland Ski Road at the Siskiyou Pass near the marker
Siskiyou Mt. Wagon Road 6: private property southwest of Marker 5 by the road
Siskiyou Pass Monument the Monument
Wimer Covered Bridge the bridge