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Applegate Trail, Roads, The 1800s
Applegate Trail History
Applegate Trail 01: Jenny Creek Slide
Applegate Trail 02: at Round Prairie
Applegate Trail 03: on Highway 66 by Lincoln
Applegate Trail 04: at Tub Springs Wayside
Applegate Trail 05: Hyatt Lake Road
Applegate Trail 06: Keene Creek Slide
Applegate Trail 07: Cascade Summit
Applegate Trail 08: Tyler Creek Road
Applegate Trail 09: Highway 66 and Buckhorn Springs Road
Applegate Trail 10: Songer Gap
Applegate Trail 11: Entrance to Emigrant Lake Recreation Area
Applegate Trail 12: Railroad Park on A Street, Ashland
Applegate Trail 13: Ashland Creek Park, Ashland
Applegate Trail 14: Highway 99 and Oak Street, Phoenix
Applegate Trail 15: Old Stage Road near Jacksonville
Applegate Trail 16: Valley of the Rogue Kiosk, in the State Park
Greensprings Monument
Bridges & Ferries, 1800s, The 1800s
Rock Point Bridge
Bybee Bridge and Ferry
Chavener’s Bridge
Evans Ferry
Hannah’s Ferry
Kennedy Ferry -- East Side Marker
Kennedy Ferry -- West side marker
Roads, The 1800s
1863 Military Road 1: Highway 140 and Obenchain Road
1863 Military Road 2: Fourbit Ford Campground
1863 Military Road 3: on 700 Road near Twin Ponds Road
Birdseye Spring Marker
Old Stage Road Marker
Rock Point Stage Stop
Municipal Markers
Alice Peil Walkway
Churchill Hall at SOU
Winburn Way Bridge, Ashland
Town Sites - Cemeteries, The 1800s
Antelope Cemetery
Buncom Townsite
Dardanelles Marker
Hill Dunn Cemetery
Logtown Cemetery
Rancheria Prairie Cemetery
Ruch Historical Marker
Sexton's Tool House
Sterlingville Cemetery
Covered Bridges, Roads
Antelope Creek Covered Bridge
McKee Covered Bridge
Ashland Municipal Airport
Medford Municipal Airport
Newell Barber Field
The 1800s, Agriculture, Heritage Trees
Beall Black Walnut
Britt Sequoia
Hanley Farm Willow
Lonesome Hickory
McCall Magnolia
Railroads, The 1800s
Buckrock Tunnel East End
Buckrock Tunnel West End
Golden Spike Marker
Golden Spike Marker #2
Rogue River Valley Railroad
Town Sites - Cemeteries
Private Memorials
Butler Memorial Bandshell
Butler-Perozzi Fountain
Daniel Meyer Memorial Pool
Enders Memorial Shelter
Holmes Park Marker
Karen Sue Fieguth Smith Bridge Marker
Mickelson Chapman Fountain
Palm Statue, Alba Park
The Carter Memorial Fountain
Military, The 1800s
Camp Baker Marker
Fort Birdseye
Fort Wagner Marker
CCC Camps
CCC Camp: Fish Lake Shelter
CCC Camp: Wrangle Gap Shelter
Municipal Markers, The 1800s
Chautauqua Park Entrance
Native American, Military, The 1800s
Fort Lane Marker
Table Rock Monument
Mining, The 1800s
Gin Lin Trail
Rich Gulch Marker
The 1800s, Agriculture
Hanley Farm
Irrigation History Marker
Agriculture, Heritage Trees
Harry & David Comice Pears
Tub Springs Sugar Pine
Hartman Bridge marker, Jacksonville
Hartman Bridge, middle fork of the Rogue River
The 1800s, Government
Jacksonville City Hall
Lithia Springs Bridge
Covered Bridges, Roads, The 1800s
Lost Creek Covered Bridge
Wimer Covered Bridge
The 1800s, Private Memorials
Methodist Episcopal Church, Jacksonville
Old Mill Site
Law Enforcement
Prescott Memorial-Alba Park
Prescott Park Marker
Prescott-Knott Marker
Singler Memorial Plaza
Siskiyou Mountain Wagon Road, Roads, The 1800s
Siskiyou Mt. Wagon Road 1: Old Highway 99 near the Barron Ranch house
Siskiyou Mt. Wagon Road 2: Old Hwy. 99 above second railroad Bridge
Siskiyou Mt. Wagon Road 3: above marker 2 on private property
Siskiyou Mt. Wagon Road 4: at the Siskiyou Pass
Siskiyou Mt. Wagon Road 5: Mt. Ashland Ski Road at the Siskiyou Pass
Siskiyou Mt. Wagon Road 6: private property southwest of Marker 5
Siskiyou Pass Monument
Native American
Story Telling Stone Marker
Takelma Salmon Ceremony Marker
Military, Private Memorials
World War 1 Memorial, Lithia Park